What is TweetDeck? How to Use TweetDeck

Most users who utilize Twitter to social network do not do it from Twitter’s actual web site. They use apps, mobile phones and other ways to tweet the latest goings-on in their world. TweetDeck is a desktop application created by Twitter that allows you to use Twitter and Facebook in one application from the comfort of your computer. This means you do not have to actually log into your Twitter account and post from your web browser. You can respond to direct messages, tweets and more from TweetDeck.
Our guide will show you how to get started with TweetDeck as well as how to use Facebook with it. TweetDeck is just one way to get more out of Twitter.

In order to get started with TweetDeck, you want to download and install it. It does require you to utilize Adobe flash elements.
When it is finished installing, TweetDeck will start itself.
You will be prompted to either sign in to an existing TweetDeck account or create your own.
Click “Create Account” to continue.
You want to enter an e-mail address and password for your TweetDeck account, then click “Sign up.”
Immediately, TweetDeck will open its settings for you to begin adding Twitter accounts or a single Facebook account.
Click on “Add Twitter Account.”
You want to enter your username or e-mail address along with your Twitter password. Then, click “Authorize App.”
You can add several Twitter accounts to TweetDeck at any time by following the same steps.
Once added, you can click “Add Facebook Account.”
You can only add one Facebook account to a TweetDeck account at any time. If you wish to switch accounts, you can eliminate the one from TweetDeck and add the new one.
Enter in the same details, then click the box next to “Keep me logged into TweetDeck.” Finally, click “Log In.”
Request for Permission
TweetDeck will request permission from Facebook to access your account. Click “Allow” to continue.
You will see every account you have added in this area. You can remove them at any time by clicking the circle next to the account, then clicking Remove.
A confirmation will appear asking you to confirm the deletion. Select “Confirm” to do so.
Now, click “General.”
This will allow you to choose whether to stream Twitter or not. Check this box for live updates to your Twitter Streams in TweetDeck.
Then, click “Services.”
This allows you to set which services you use for picture uploading as well as link shortening.
Finally, click “Global Filter.”
This will allow you to set up filters for the way items appear in TweetDeck. For most accounts, leave this setting alone.
Once you are finished configuring the basic settings for TweetDeck, you will be redirected to the main screen.
How to use TweetDeck

At the top center, you will see a way to navigate between columns.
Center toolbar
Each column will be related to the service, account and action for the account. You can either click the boxes or the arrows to navigate to and from columns.
On the top left, you will see the TweetDeck logo along with the ability to add a custom column or update your status.
Left toolbar
On the top right, you will see a search box along with the ability to enter the settings once more.
Right toolbar
Click “Add Column.”
This will allow you to add columns to TweetDeck depending on the account attached. Click “Scheduled.”
Column added to navigation
This will automatically add a Scheduled column to TweetDeck that you can navigate to. The same will happen for any other category you choose.
For example, click “Search.”
Now, type in a term in the search box and click Enter.
TweetDeck will begin to pull up tweets and users who identify with those terms. You can then create a column for it to see what is going on with the term at all times it is active.
Click “Add Column” to do just that.
Add Column
You will now see the column and be able to navigate to it on demand.
Column added
Click on the ‘blue icon and the pen.”
Updating status
This will allow you to update your status.
Simply click on the account you want to update and make sure the icon turns blue. This lets you know the update will be shared to that account. You can select multiple accounts as well.
Enter in your update, choose a photo, time or link and click “Tweet.”
Status updates, including those sent to Facebook, must be below the 140 character mark to update successfully.
If you ever want to do a search, you can use the search box, enter your term and click “Enter.”
You will also be able to add the Search to your columns at any time this way, too.
Now, click the “Gear icon” in the upper right hand corner.
This will allow you to access the Settings, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy or sign out of TweetDeck at any time.
These are the basics to getting started with TweetDeck and using to manage Twitter accounts and your Facebook account.

By Lil Cliff BBM: 293B99DB


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