How To Unveil Any Short Link URL

Almost all the links that are shared on social platforms nowadays are short links of a long URL of a particular page. There are many URL shortening services out there such as,,,,, etc. Truly, this has its advantages and other hand it also has its disadvantages.
Advantages of these short links ranges as it helps to promote Affiliate links, Sales pages, Landing Pages, Shorten Long URLs. Also, Twitter only allow you to tweet not more that 140 characters, in a situation where by you have already typed about 120 characters and needs to input a link of about 40 characters., you won’t be able to proceed with that but with the aid of short link, your link will be reduced to a very short link while you proceed tweeting.

Having stated the advantages of short link, below are its disadvantages:

Difficult to know what the actual URL is.
Not knowing whether the link is good or bad.
Not knowing if you will be redirected to a Malicious webpage.
Hackers uses it to send links of virus pages and phishing pages.
And lots more…

With this article, you would be able to uncover the original URL hidden behind any short link you come across. Just follow the below easy steps.

Access Please

    Login or

Register o see the link.
When you get to the website, you will see an input box.
Type in the short link and click on the UnShorten it button.
Then the original link will be displayed with the website screenshot.

By Lil Cliff BBM: 293B99DB


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