Black Christmas in Imo as man shoots self to death (Photo)

While people will be in merry mood celebrating the Christmas season, same cannot be said of the Ohiri family of Avuvu community in Ikeduru LGA of Imo State where a man is reported to have taken his life through a self-inflicted gunshot.

According to Trumpeta, confusion has enveloped Avuvu community following the death of a young man, named Uche Ohiri. The victim, who met his untimely death on Sunday, was alleged to have shot himself using a pump action.

Tragedy struck when out of excitement that one of his kinsmen came back from the United States of America, the victim asked somebody to go to his house to bring his private pump action which he used for local hunting. It was learnt that the returnee had in celebration of his safe homecoming had hosted some select young men in his home at the community.

Out of excitement and in order to savour the brief merriment, the late Uche sent for his pump action. After firing several shots in the air, it was learnt that one bullet got locked in the chamber of the gun. An argument ensued between the victim and others who told him to be cautious in handling the gun because of the hooked bullet inside the chamber.

In trying to explain that nothing will happen concerning the hooked bullet, the gun exploded shooting through his throat and head thereby killing him instantly.

Efforts to rescue him proved abortive as his shattered body littered on the ground with blood gushing out profusely.
The ugly incident attracted residents of the community who raced to the scene before rushing the body to a morgue.


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