VIDEO: ANULI [aka Gold De Ambasadore] – KULIENU | @GoldAnuli

GOLD ANULI [aka Gold De Ambasadore] premiers the video of the single
KULIENU, which means “Arise all”.
The patriotic single which calls Nigerians to the consciousness of
peaceful co-existence is part of her self-produced album titled ‘A
Chance’ which was released in 2014 under the Tgroopz Music label.
This soul stirring song was made to inspire nation building and
peaceful co-existence among Nigerians as well as accountable and
conscientious leadership in the nation. It introduces the possibility
and reality of the new Nigeria in the face of its most trying times.
Nigeria would welcome this song as it speaks to the heart of the
citizens and leaders to embrace the change that is upon the country;
to encourage nonviolence, order, love and harmony which are key
elements for a progressive society.
Aside being a singer, GOLD ANULI [aka Gold De Ambasadore] has risen to
one of the greatest female music producers in the country and her
creativity is mostly demonstrated on the album ‘A Chance’ which she
self-produced. ‘Kulienu’ is mixed and mastered by her as well.
TWITTER- @goldanuli


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