Open Letter to Nigerians – Thony Eyoh @Thony_yhl 

Congratulations Nigeria! I admit CHANGE……!

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen it’s no longer News that the opposition Party “APC” has finally proven that they eventually need CHANGE  in the Leadership of our dear Nation Nigeria. 
 I admit the CHANGE agents and it’s  entire Supporters from North – south and all over the World and it’s time for us all to see the CHANGE we really mean. 

Congratulations His Excellency General Muhammad Buhari Чoυ never lost hope of being the president of this great Nation Nigeria.  

To H.E Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, you are truly a democrat, and examplary leader, a mentor to Many the Nation will miss you. Thank you sir we appreciate your tenure and thanks for humbly accepting the defeat. God bless you sir! 

To my fellow TAN Agents (Transformation Ambassador of Nigeria), #TEAMGEJ and to all PDP supporters worldwide, I know it’s not easy to accept defeat but this time we have to because 2015 Election is all about the choice of the people #NigeriaDecides and not the party, so let’s just accept the CHANGE and move on. 

To INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission), I say a big Thank you for Ensuring that the people’s choice speaks through their votes. Though it’s a stressful process

Big thanks to Prof. A. Jega (INEC chairman) you have really proven to be incorruptible and uncompromising.

To Nigerians, the Media, the bloggers and Social activists 
Thank you! For being true citizens,
Thank you! For exercising your right to Vote and ensuring it being counted,
 Thank you! For ensuring Чoυ get the right figure and being faithful 
Thank you! For Embracing CHANGE 
Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

We remain one Nigeria and let Peace continue to reign. 

                             God Bless Nigeria 
                                 Brought to Чoυ by: 
                                       EYOH, Anthony 

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