We the members of the A.U.A (association of upcoming artists) write
this letter first, to all our Former members, we ask, why are you
guys, (that are trained to be humble guys) biting d fingers dah fed n
still feed u? u guys have climbed there and u don’t want us to come
abi? (Chhhaaiiiiii!!!!)
You know most time Our help lies on the hands of our OGA’s @ the
top,(bigger artist) like! 2face (tu baba), dbanj, psquare, timaya,
banky even M.I,. Now 2face has been trying on dammykrane, okay O!
psqure, disappointed! likewise, banky,psqure,timaya even M.I “buh dah
one na family matter, I no go put my mouth 4 dat one” , na em I won
ask wizzy, mr mayD, patorankin (alubarika), y dem choose to day f**k
dem and us up? “na only una waka come!!!!? Em come be like to grow
trees no day good! I for say, why dbanj just park since! Nawa O.
Am using this medium to tell all my members in this humble
association dat it is now survival of the smartest, pray that the
crowd accepts u!
Again, this is going directly to d remaining free BOSS “dbanj”,
just like banky took our first president “wizzy” and so did psqure,
2face,timaya took there successors, any time u are about to do yours,
“if u will”, Abeg, try contact the agent to the president (ME) for a
50-50 package! no be say u no fit go direct but man gats chaw!

                                                       Most sincerely humbly




By Lil Cliff BBM: 293B99DB


Lagos Big Girl’s Nudé Pix Leaks Few Days To Her Wedding (PHOTOS, 18+)

If ladies of nowadays learn to be decent in their dealings, things will be easy for them. But will they listen? This is another casualty of yesterday’s stupid coming to hunt today’s beautiful expectations. Her boyfriend is not in anyway aware that she used to be a runs girl who send her private photos to men to entice them into doing things with her and paying her for her “service”.
The guy proposed marriage to her and their wedding comes in few weeks, when one of his sister’s stumbled on a pix that look like her brother’s wife-to-be online. At a close look, it was discovered she is the one.
She is now begging the guy to forgive her that it was a mistake. See the photos below…


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Dbanj Signs 2kriss To His DB Record Label

You know he has been wanting to sign young stars in the past but it didn’t work out.Now he has signed these young duo..


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Naijaeast Exclusive Interview With Comedienne Princesss,Confirms Seperation Saying ‘Yes’ Am Done With My Marriage

An interview with Naijaeast correspondent,
Princess confirms the separation, saying ‘Yes
my marriage has ended due to irreconcilable
She admitted to naijaeast reporter that the union
has not been as blissful as many thought.
‘We have been having issues since the
wedding but we still remained together
hoping that we would be able to work it out.
But apparently, we couldn’t work it out,
hence the reason for our separation.
‘We actually ended it several months ago, but
we didn’t want to make it public. I’m sure
God knows best’ she added.
(Comedienne Princess Ends 7
Month Marriage)