Open Letter to Nigerians – Thony Eyoh @Thony_yhl 

Congratulations Nigeria! I admit CHANGE……!

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen it’s no longer News that the opposition Party “APC” has finally proven that they eventually need CHANGE  in the Leadership of our dear Nation Nigeria. 
 I admit the CHANGE agents and it’s  entire Supporters from North – south and all over the World and it’s time for us all to see the CHANGE we really mean. 

Congratulations His Excellency General Muhammad Buhari Чoυ never lost hope of being the president of this great Nation Nigeria.  

To H.E Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, you are truly a democrat, and examplary leader, a mentor to Many the Nation will miss you. Thank you sir we appreciate your tenure and thanks for humbly accepting the defeat. God bless you sir! 

To my fellow TAN Agents (Transformation Ambassador of Nigeria), #TEAMGEJ and to all PDP supporters worldwide, I know it’s not easy to accept defeat but this time we have to because 2015 Election is all about the choice of the people #NigeriaDecides and not the party, so let’s just accept the CHANGE and move on. 

To INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission), I say a big Thank you for Ensuring that the people’s choice speaks through their votes. Though it’s a stressful process

Big thanks to Prof. A. Jega (INEC chairman) you have really proven to be incorruptible and uncompromising.

To Nigerians, the Media, the bloggers and Social activists 
Thank you! For being true citizens,
Thank you! For exercising your right to Vote and ensuring it being counted,
 Thank you! For ensuring Чoυ get the right figure and being faithful 
Thank you! For Embracing CHANGE 
Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

We remain one Nigeria and let Peace continue to reign. 

                             God Bless Nigeria 
                                 Brought to Чoυ by: 
                                       EYOH, Anthony 

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Woman Stabs Husband To Death Over PDP, APC Presidential Candidates

Lagos—Lagos State Police Command has arrested a 26-year-old pregnant woman who allegedly stabbed her husband to death during a quarrel over who would emerge winner between the Peoples Democratic Party and All Progressives Congress, APC presidential candidates, while voting was on-going , weekend, at Ejigbo area of the state.

The scene
The incident, which threw the densely populated area into disarray, occurred at about 12noon inside the couple’s one room apartment at 81 Military zone junction.
There were different accounts on how tragedy struck. A version of the account said the couple had divergent views on their choice of presidential candidates. While the husband was said to have decided to vote for the PDP, his wife, simply called Onyiyechi, reportedly chose to vote for the presidential candidate of the APC. An argument which degenerated into a fight over whose choice would hold sway reportedly ensued between them.
In the process, Onyiyechi allegedly stabbed her husband with a kitchen knife in the chest region.
Another version said the deceased, whose identity could not be immediately ascertained, told his pregnant wife to take the okro she was grating inside the room, to the veranda which also served as kitchen , an instruction she reportedly disobeyed, following which an argument which led to a fight occurred.
 Visit to the scene
When Vanguard visited the scene of the incident yesterday, the couple’s apartment was under lock . Their neighbours however described the suspect as an amicable person who had never quarreled with anyone since she moved into the building.
One of the tenants who spoke on condition of anonymity told Vanguard that they did not witness how the suspect allegedly stabbed her husband.
But he explained that : “ We were all outside waiting to vote when Onyiyechi rushed out, shouting for help. Out of curiosity, we all ran inside, only to discover blood all over the ground, on entering their apartment.
”On closer observation, we noticed that the blood was from her husband chest region. We met him on the ground. Before we could rush him to the hospital, he gave up the ghost.
Perhaps, he would have survived the attack had Onyiyechi called for help early. From all indication, it was clear that she attempted to manage the situation immediately the incident occurred. It was when she discovered that the situation had overwhelmed her that she raised alarm.
”I do not know the name of her husband. We only know that of his wife, who we fondly call Onyiyechi. The irony of this matter is that she is not cantankerous.
”She has never beaten a little child, let alone to fight with any neighbor. Again on that day, we saw both of them together. They were seen sitting outside, one hour before the incident occurred. Policemen from Ejigbo later came to remove the corpse to the Isolo morgue”.

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The Battle In Imo B/w APC And PDP

Imo State, the only foothold of the All Progressives Congress, APC in the Southeast was keenly contested last Saturday. The campaign in the state was led by Governor Rochas Okorocha for the APC and Chief Emeka Ihedioha, the deputy speaker of the House of Representatives for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. Besides their different interests in having their parties win the presidential and National Assembly elections, both men are also squaring up in the forthcoming governorship election.
It was as such not surprising that the two men brought passion and puff to the campaign. Following the reported arrest of some officials of the state government and graduates of the Okorocha Foundation, the two men, in different interviews, monitored on Channels Television, gave their accounts on what happened.
OUR democracy is under siege in Imo — Okorocha
Imo state had their collation centres raided by Military, I am not telling you about what happened yesterday but what is happening as I am talking with you right now. It is ongoing now and if you go to Ngor Okpalla now, you will see the military going inside the collating centres with the returning officers.
As at yesterday when they arrested the youths who are supposed to vote, boys and girls, some of them were students of Rochas foundation who schooled in my village.

Those students were registered and when they came to vote, they arrested them and kept them in a cell. When I came there, I called the Director of Security Service, he said to me that they are under-aged and I argued who is under-aged? I said can you keep a minor in a cell for 48 hours?
I told him they are not under-age and they are registered with their PVCs. He told me they came from another place to vote. I told him it is not possible for them to come from another place to vote. I asked him to check their PVCs so he could ascertain if it correlates with where they are.
Worrisome happenings
I also called the Army commander and he told me it was the DSS who directed him that I should talk to him. From time to time, I spoke with them but there was no result. But the most shocking thing is that immediately after the elections, yesterday, those children were released and they let them go.
What is happening is very worrisome, the way the military has conducted themselves right now in this state is very sad.
Let me tell you, it is a frightening situation. Even as a governor, I went to one of the centres myself and one of my aides was trying to video my discussion with the military, they beat the hell out of him in my presence and put a gun on his head.
I have never seen this kind of thing in my life before, this is assault and intimidation, it is something I cannot imagine. I just want the world to understand that Imo State is passing through difficult times and our democracy is under danger here.
Okorocha was caught in the act — Emeka Ihedioha
Our constitution says children and the under-aged should not be allowed to vote and he has said that the children from Okorocha Foundation were prevented from voting.
First, he has admitted that they were children, the children are under-aged and of course you know they are not eligible to vote. As a matter of fact, I think the security agencies were being lenient with those children otherwise, they should have been candidates for prison. So, you cannot begin to undermine the election process in such a manner and expect the nation to fold its arms and let you do what you ought not to do.

Deputy Speaker, Emeka Ihedioha
The security agencies were at their best because where you notice issues of mal-practice the security agencies reacted immediately. I will give you an instance, yesterday at my ward, the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Okorocha was picked up for issues bothering on electoral malpractice because he was trying to arm twist the process outside the polling booth. Stories are abound all over Imo State that eight aides of the governor were arrested with riffles, life ammunitions in their homes. Are they telling me that because there is election, everybody should go and get riffles in their homes?
These are facts that can be verified from security agencies that they were carrying machete, guns and without the security agencies there would have been a lot of bloodshed in Imo state. So I commend them for their actions and I can say what they did is what brought about peace in the state.
The governor wanted a lawless situation because he has lost touch with the people and he is aware people are ready to vote him out. APC is not popular in Imo State, the PDP remains on top. In all the results that have come from Owerri Zone, PDP won in virtually all the electoral wards and the situation is not different from all over the state.
Collation in my ward lasted till late last night yesterday except some other wards I am not aware of but I am surprised the governor is saying all he said.
That soldiers are involved is untrue, where were they involved? Basically the military were involved to maintain law and order. What has happened is that there was importation of arms by the governor and his party and they want their people to cause a lot of mayhem and based on tip off, we acted.
Or are you saying because a governor wants to win election, we should become a lawless state? Or because he wants the members of his party to win elections, then the security agencies should fold their arms at the expense of peace and security which is the primary responsibility of government.
The truth of the matter is that he intended to massively rig but he was caught in the act and that is why he is running from pillar to post, so he has been giving wrong impression across the nation.

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Don Jazzy buys items worth half a million naira for followers @donjazzy

has given out items worth half a million naira to his followers on micro-blogging site-Twitter, in celebration of his and Tiwa Savage endorsement deal with online shopping site, Konga.

The self-aclaimed leader of the Supreme Mavin Dynasty (SMD) announced on his verified Twitter handle, @DonJazzy, Wednesday, that his followers should follow Konga, visit the website and munch image of any item they want and send it to him, using the Hashtag Konga (#Konga), with a pledge to buy for some selected people.

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Entertainment News: KozyG counts down to birthday and ‘End of the Matter’ release | @kOZYG

Singer KozyG revealed he would be greasing his Birthday Anniversary celebration with the release of a fresh single.

According to the Ebonyi State born Moses Onyedikachi Izuchukwu whose last single ‘Ajebo Baby’ came last year, the new single ‘End of the matter’ will be released on March 2, 2015 which is also his birthday Anniversary.

KozyG emerged years back as an artiste to watch and has risen to the level where he is known as one of the best singers in the South-East Zone of Nigeria and at this level, his quality has earned him nominations for awards as well as those he has won.

Speaking on why he had to release the single on his birthday, KozyG said he would not be the first doing it and just like others would say, the song would be a gift from him to his fans around the country.

“I could have chosen sometimes in February but I decided to wait till my birthday. I would appreciate it so much if I have something for the fans to balance whatever love they would be showing me that day” he said.

On whether he would be marking his birthday Anniversary with a party, he said “A party is something I am not sure of for now, but if I decide to celebrate, I will love to do it with my family because I have really been away from them for some times. It will be a wonderful time to have fun with my parents and siblings. We can recreate the old moments we used to have way back as kids and I believe it will be so much fun for us”

Should KozyG opt for celebration with his family, he will be having another known artiste, Floxy in the house. Floxy whose real names are Chinwendu Florence Izuchukwu is KozyG’s younger sister with whom he released a duet titled ‘Crisis’ only last year.

He urged his fans everywhere to join hands with him on his birthday to see that the release of ‘End of the matter’ on March 2, 2015, becomes a success.

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Deejay Bala Sound Spot

Catch The Excitement Live at New Berries Park



A show that attracts more than 2000 people every Sunday


Live performance from your favourite  MCs, Comedians and Artists


A show that has been going on for more than 5 years and has promoted a lot of Artist in the East of the Niger.

The Venue Is;

New Berries Park Enugu. No 65 Abakaliki Road GRA Enugu Museum
Date: Every Sunday
Time: 5pm to 9pm

Host: DJ Bala

For Participation, Promotion and Sponsorship Call 07056678111, 08034620598.

Your Fun Our Pleasure……

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Black Christmas in Imo as man shoots self to death (Photo)

While people will be in merry mood celebrating the Christmas season, same cannot be said of the Ohiri family of Avuvu community in Ikeduru LGA of Imo State where a man is reported to have taken his life through a self-inflicted gunshot.

According to Trumpeta, confusion has enveloped Avuvu community following the death of a young man, named Uche Ohiri. The victim, who met his untimely death on Sunday, was alleged to have shot himself using a pump action.

Tragedy struck when out of excitement that one of his kinsmen came back from the United States of America, the victim asked somebody to go to his house to bring his private pump action which he used for local hunting. It was learnt that the returnee had in celebration of his safe homecoming had hosted some select young men in his home at the community.

Out of excitement and in order to savour the brief merriment, the late Uche sent for his pump action. After firing several shots in the air, it was learnt that one bullet got locked in the chamber of the gun. An argument ensued between the victim and others who told him to be cautious in handling the gun because of the hooked bullet inside the chamber.

In trying to explain that nothing will happen concerning the hooked bullet, the gun exploded shooting through his throat and head thereby killing him instantly.

Efforts to rescue him proved abortive as his shattered body littered on the ground with blood gushing out profusely.
The ugly incident attracted residents of the community who raced to the scene before rushing the body to a morgue.


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